Hudson Summer Is

Just the other day, I took a train from Hudson, NY 
to New York City. This man sat across from me. He
is old and drools when he sleeps.

A woman was sure she smelled cat.
"I am a licensed vet. tech and I know what cat 
smells like and that smells like cat."

Later, I accompanied Riley Wise to the Saugerties court house 
to pay a speeding ticket. It came with a lovely view 
from the audience bench. Then I got a sandwich 
because it was raining.  

Often I sit in my backyard. I see things
like this.

Sometimes it is time for a walk somewhere. I go here and see
these dogs at a bar with a doggy name. 
These aren't real dogs, but you can bring your dog in.  

After, I go to a bar without a doggy name and draw this 
and the man sitting next to me looks at it and says, 
"I was there!"


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Italian Book Jacket

Thanks to Lefke Kerr
for organizing this collaboration with Edinburgh University.
There will be an exhibition during the Edinburgh festival season
at the Instituto Italiano di Cultura in Edinburgh.
Go there.

Here is the original drawing, sans book jacket design.
(click on images to see larger)

Bird! Stone! Water!

Working on an illustration 
for an article on Rock! Paper! Scissors!

or as I know it from childhood, Ro! Sham! Bo! 

 (or Rochambeau, not to be confused with the French vicomte and soldier who shares my two christian names (Joseph, Mary)). 

Also known as Bird! Stone! Water! and Wrap! Cut! Crush!