More Progress in Prints

Here are a few more etchings I have produced for my 
upcoming show If You See Something, Say Something.
It opens November 22nd at 
Closing Party Friday, November 25th, 6-9pm
Come and see.
See the rest of the etchings HERE.

Here are some selections from my sketchbook.

Prints in Progress

I am working on a series of prints: etchings and screenprints.

These are some of the etchings.

I am trying to figure out if I can reclaim 
the command, "If you see something, say something."
It is a sentence which has dominated the 
visual and psychological fields of America,
and beyond, for the past ten years. 
I have been exploring the other possible meanings 
of this sentence.What does it mean to see 
something and say something? I certainly am 
not looking for answers, only to provide another 
possible train of thought.

Antique Display

Hooray for Tom at Noonan Antiques!
For he allowed me to inhabit his display case 
for a few hours on a Saturday and a Sunday.
I reclined and drew as the people passed.

 People had things to say; 
I wrote them down:
"Quite the spectacle."
"Better than anything we saw... that's the best thing we've seen"
"Look at the man in the box!"
"Ha! Man in a window!"
"Isn't it hot in there?"
"I don't think so, I don't think it's incredibly hot..."
"What's he doing in there"
"We should take a picture, that's what he's there for."
"Oh, I see, he's got a card."
"There's a guy!"
"Oh, cool, how cool."
"How could he get in there? Oh, I know how 
he could get in there, there's a door."
"Wonder how much he is...(pause to catch up to friend and repeat) Wonder how much he is."
"Wow. Is that an installation? That is amazing."
"A man in a glass case. Hm. That's interesting."