Antique Display

Hooray for Tom at Noonan Antiques!
For he allowed me to inhabit his display case 
for a few hours on a Saturday and a Sunday.
I reclined and drew as the people passed.

 People had things to say; 
I wrote them down:
"Quite the spectacle."
"Better than anything we saw... that's the best thing we've seen"
"Look at the man in the box!"
"Ha! Man in a window!"
"Isn't it hot in there?"
"I don't think so, I don't think it's incredibly hot..."
"What's he doing in there"
"We should take a picture, that's what he's there for."
"Oh, I see, he's got a card."
"There's a guy!"
"Oh, cool, how cool."
"How could he get in there? Oh, I know how 
he could get in there, there's a door."
"Wonder how much he is...(pause to catch up to friend and repeat) Wonder how much he is."
"Wow. Is that an installation? That is amazing."
"A man in a glass case. Hm. That's interesting."

History of Chemistry

A cover submission for 
EUSci: Edinburgh University Science Magazine.
It is a brief history of Chemistry.