iPad Drawing Experiments

I've just discovered gmail's drawing option on the iPad.
my first experiments:

STITCH PROJETCS "No Planet B" Calendar



and all your votes! 


I have been chosen as one of the 12 artists
to participate in the 2013 Calendar.

10% of the profits made from sales goes to Healthy Planet.
10% to WeForest.

30% is split among the artists.

The rest is to keep Stitch Projects going.
Stitch is a not-for-profit organisation that raises
environmental awareness through the arts.
- http://www.stitchproject.com
 visit stitchproject.com to buy your very own calendar!
or visit the calendar facebook page HERE
I submitted the gulls drawing, but drew a few more along the way...
Here are those few: 


New Book

Soon a new book will be available.
It is based on a French children's song found in 
a book by Georges Perec who found it in
a collection of French children songs.
I changed the setting to San Francisco 
because I don't know anything about Paris.

Here are a few pages: